Traditional Thai Massage

An ancient healing art for both body and mind; using yoga techniques, it combines stretching, twisting, joint manipulation and soft tissue pressing. Thai massage aims to stimulate the lymph system, warm the tissue, improve flexibility and ease pain. This form of bodywork is performed on the floor, and the guest wears comfortable clothes that allow for ease of movement. Typically, no oils or lotion is used unless desired by the client.


Shiatsu is an ancient and traditional Japanese hands-on healing art. This bodywork supports individuals in moving towards greater health and well-being by improving and stimulating the flow of the qi (vital energy) through the meridians. Performed on a comfortable futon on floor or on a massage table the client remains dressed, shiatsu involves stretches, leverage and pressure, combined with a finely tuned intuition and an understanding of Oriental diagnosis, posture and breathing.

Swedish Massage

This classic Swedish massage uses long strokes to increase circulation and achieve overall relaxation. Get relief from tense, knotted muscles with this medium-to-deep therapeutic massage. Several techniques are used to release tension, including acupressure and trigger point massage. This medium to deep-tissue treatment offers a comprehensive range of massage modalities that work to break down the body’s adhesions and nodules, encouraging proper muscle function.

Slimming Massage

Reduction of added fluid and fat is the goal of Slimming Massage. By increasing blood circulation, it eliminates toxins and excess fluid by working on the lymphatic system. It helps in venous return to provide greater oxygen levels to our cells. Efficient immune system is vital to a proper functioning lymphatic system. This massage can be done over the entire body or in specific areas where we accumulate fluid retention such as the legs or abdomen, helping to reduce volume in them. Facial Slimming massage is also very effective in reducing puffiness and swelling and contouring the face. It eliminates cellulite and fatty tissues and stored fat and produces a restoration of the tissues and improving the look of our skin.

Hot stone massage

The stones used are typically river rocks or other very smooth-surfaced stones made of basalt. These stones are heated in sanitizing water before use. The high iron content in basalt helps the stones retain heat during the massage. Hot stone massages are beneficial on both physical and psychological levels.The heat from the stones helps your muscles relax, allowing for a much enhanced treatment. Overly tense muscles can hinder the massage procedure, so if your muscles are extremely tight or stiff, the heated stones may provide the extra relaxation you need for the massage to be beneficial in releasing tension and easing sore muscles.