Ankle and Feet Therapy

Ankle and Feet Therapy

For strengthening, flexibility, and pain relief for your Ankle and Feet

Approximately 25% of the bones in the human body are found in our feet. Each foot comprises 26 bones and 30 joints; of those 26 bones, there are 7 keystone bones that are responsible for the arches of your foot. There are 3 arches in your foot; the medial arch, the lateral arch, and the transverse arch. Of interest are 3 keystone bones that support the arches: the talus bone for the medial arch, the cuboid bone for the lateral arch, and the second cuneiform bone for the transverse arch. The arches of our foot support the weight of our body when walking or standing. They also act as a shock absorber thus mitigating any stress on our feet, knees and hips. Maintaining these arches is crucial in keeping the body at the most optimal functioning level and free of pain.

This comprehensive treatment focuses on restoring the arches of your feet by myofascial release of the tissues that are involved, applying joint mobilizations of the feet to promote more movement, and promoting remedial exercise to strengthen the ligaments and re-educate the muscles that support the arches of your feet.

  • Relaxation and Recovery

  • Eases stress

  • Helps blood circulation

  • Helps you walk in proper position

30 mins