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Echoing ancient traditions and therapeutic disciplines, Traditional Thai Massage known as Nuat Boran was developed 2500 years ago by Thai Buddhist monks as a healing modality. It is a combination of influences of cultural spheres from India, China and Southeast Asia.

Traditional Thai Massage is performed wearing loose Thai-style clothing, and is conducted on an Asian mat. You will be provided with loose clothing during your massage and no oil is used. A combination of gentle rocking motion, rhythmic acupressure and assisted stretching serve to deeply relax and revitalize your body and mind.

Traditional Thai Massage combines yoga position which will be led by the therapist without any effort on your part. Benefits include increased flexibility, relief of joint and muscle tension and a balance of the body’s energy system.

The therapist will use her body to gracefully guide and move your body in various positions during the session. It is both deeply relaxing and energizing. Your session will be personalized, focusing and targeting problem areas with the overall goal of nurturing and rebalancing the body, the mind and the spirit. Thai massage has its roots from spiritual tradition and its purpose is to heal you in many ways and it is not to be confused with sensual massage.

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Our Signature Pain Therapy Treatments

$190+hst / 150 mins  – Claire’s Traditional Thai Massage combines stretching, twisting, joint manipulation and soft tissue pressing. Thai massage aims to stimulate the lymph system, warm the tissue, improve flexibility and ease pain. This form of bodywork is performed on the floor, and the guest wears comfortable clothes that allow for ease of movement. Typically, no oils or lotion is used unless desired by the client.

$140+hst / 60 mins  – Insurance receipt provided; Registered with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario. The focus of RMT treatment is to put the body back in balance and restore the patient’s activity of daily living to an optimal level. This is achieved by finding the root cause of the patient’s symptoms through comprehensive orthopedic assessment, motion palpation, and gait analysis. It utilizes techniques, such as muscle rehab therapy and joint play followed by rehab exercises to maintain the patient’s condition. Ultimately, the purpose of RMT treatment is to put the patient pain-free so that treatment is no longer needed.



RMT Massage

$90+hst /30mins
$120+hst /45mins
$140+hst /60mins
$160+hst /75mins
$175+hst /90mins
$230+hst /120mins


“I was suffering from blood circulation problem. It caused me to have serious headaches and insomnia. A friend told me to go see Claire and I was amazed by how she was able to massage me to relieve me of my problems. I went to her 4 times and after that, I felt a huge change. I didn’t believe that massage could alleviate such problems, but it did. Thank you Claire!! You saved my life!! 🙂”
Brian L.
“The so called fancy spas in Europe, Asia and North America have been tried by me. It is no comparison. Claire’s Clinic is hands down the best. Her place is simple with no fanciness but it is well worth the trip. Working on computers and holding the phone to my left ear has given me chronic pains on my left shoulder and back area. I have been going to Claire’s Clinic for a year. By far the best investment of time and money.”
Susan S.
“I have been going to Claire for almost ten years. In the last year, I have been suffering with a frozen shoulder. I couldn’t move my right arm, literally stiff, unable to even dress myself properly. Went to Claire for four months and she has helped me tremendously. Claire is very knowledgeable in the healing of body and her Thai Massage with the yoga movements has helped me. I can function normally now.”
Grace R.
“I injured myself from skiing. While it was healing, I also fell and the injury never healed properly. While I was going to physical therapy, it didn’t help. Massage was an option so I sought out Claire. I didn’t know about Thai Massage and when she performed her magic, I was thrilled. I have been with Claire since and look forward to my sessions. It is the highlight of my week.”
Soyong. T
“Andrew is one the knowledgeable and professional health practitioner I’ve ever seen recently in Toronto. He has an acuity to find out the underlying issues and root causes and easily able to address them. He fixed my lower and upper back pain that I’ve been suffering a year ago with no doubt.
I highly recommend this place for individuals who seeks real treatment. Thanks Andrew!”


    For prepaid 10 sessions of any massage treatments

    Excluding RMT